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Description: OperaLite is a resource created by Casa Ricordi that aims at expanding access to great operas. It is based on a traditional concept, i.e.: providing complete scores of the world’s best-loved operas transcribed for smaller ensembles. It is an approach that meets the growing demand for streamlined, low-cost productions. The adaptations are the result of an intense effort focused on recreating the “sound” of each opera in compliance with its aesthetic background, and through a meticulous reinterpretation of each work’s musical and dramaturgical content that preserves the original libretto and vocal parts. The outcome is a recasting of each original work in which orchestral economy (scores designed for orchestras ranging anywhere from 16 to 21 players, depending on the opera) becomes a plus point, thanks to the technical skills and sensitivity of the composers who worked to bring this project to life. OperaLite offers high artistic quality for low-cost productions and score/book rentals, at affordable prices that can make the world’s greatest operas accessible to musical institutions across the spectrum. The OperaLite catalogue continues to expand. Its current list includes operas by Bellini, Bizet, Donizetti, Mozart, Puccini, Rossini, and Verdi.


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