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Experience the benefits of nkoda's institutional subscriptions for universities, conservatoires, and schools. Offer your institution access to over 110,000 titles from top publishers, advanced score reader features, and a user-friendly cross-platform app.

Enhance music education and performance - join institutions worldwide enjoying nkoda's advantages.

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The Benefits for Institutions

For Universities and Conservatoires:

nkoda provides easy access to an ever-growing library with over 110,000 titles, including full scores, rental parts, and educational materials from more than 140 renowned publishers such as Boosey & Hawkes, Ricordi, and Bärenreiter Verlag. This diverse collection covers all genres and styles, making it an invaluable resource for study, practice, and performance. By using nkoda, students and faculty at an institution can improve their music-making experience with a wealth of resources at their fingertips, enabling them to explore new compositions and expand their repertoire.

For Performance Institutions:

With our advanced score reader, musicians can easily annotate and collaborate on scores from our library, or upload their own PDFs with unlimited storage. nkoda's seamless integration with various devices ensures a smooth experience for musicians, from individual practice to group rehearsals and performances. Our partnerships with major publishers like Boosey & Hawkes and Ricordi guarantee access to high-quality scores, allowing performance institutions to enhance their productions and elevate their performances.

For Schools:

nkoda's institutional license grants access to our library and apps for all faculty, staff, and students. With our user-friendly interface and cross-platform compatibility, nkoda is an excellent addition to any school, fostering a blended approach to learning and supporting distance learners. By utilising nkoda, students and teachers can easily access a diverse range of educational materials and scores, ultimately enriching their music education and helping them develop essential skills in the process.

How Institutions Use nkoda

"We now view nkoda as a crucial 'supplement' to our acquisitions and collection development efforts to expand access and provide additional options for music study, rehearsal, and performance." - Sam Crawford, Performing Arts Librarian at CalArts.

"nkoda now facilitates a more blended approach to learning - supporting students who are distance learners so can't easily access the physical library resources." - Kate Grigsby, Librarian at the University of Sheffield.

"nkoda really helps to broaden the musical horizons of students because it offers such a variety of known and unknown composers and works." - Martie Severt, Head of Library at Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag.

Subscriptions & Gaining Access

nkoda is available on iPads, iPhones, Macs, Windows, ChromeOS, and Android devices, with a custom version for Windows and Mac available for direct download via web browsers. Faculty and students can download nkoda on their personal devices and sign in using their institution's authentication method, such as OpenAthens, Shibboleth, Google SSO, IP range authentication, or email domain authentication. For any assistance, our Sales and Customer Support teams are always available to help.

Educational Subscriptions with nkoda follow a simultaneous-user model, allowing everyone at the institution to create an account while restricting concurrent access to the library based on the chosen tier.

For Performing Institutions we offer a discounted per-person price, with a decreasing unit price depending on the number of accounts purchased.

By subscribing to nkoda, institutions can directly benefit their members, fostering a more dynamic and enriched music-making experience.

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