Double Bind?

Double Bind?

Boosey & Hawkes

Unsuk Chin

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Composer's note: In Double Bind?, my desire is to offer, on the one hand, a glimpse of the inner life of sounds and, on the other hand, a fantasized, manipulated and altered view of the relationship between musician and instrument as well as life 'in the wings' of a musician. As in my preceding work for live instruments and electronics, I have taken an interest here in the playful jumble of the limits between the 'real' and the 'artificial'.” Unsuk Chin Double Bind? for solo violin and electronics was premiered on 2 December 2007at the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord in Paris by Hae-Sun Kang, for whom the work was written. The live electronics were designed by Benoit Meudic at IRCAM. To obtain the IRCAM-controlled electronic portion of this work as well as further instructions regarding hardware requirements and setup; installation of the microphones; and patch documentation, please email Boosey & Hawkes in the first instance for relevant contact details ( [1]). Links: ------ [1]

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