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Editio Musica Budapest

Description: Since its founding in 1950, Editio Musica Budapest has been the most important publisher of Hungarian classical and contemporary music. In addition to works by Zoltán Kodály, Ernő Dohnányi and Leó Weiner, its catalog includes nearly all Hungarian composers of the last decades as well as the youngest generation. Besides the oeuvre of György Kurtág and some compositions by Péter Eötvös, scores by Lajos Bárdos, Zsolt Durkó, Ferenc Farkas, Frigyes Hidas, Zoltán Jeney, Rudolf Maros, András Szőllősy, and many others make up the bulk of the catalog. In addition to orchestral and ensemble pieces, the proportion of chamber music compositions, works for choir and wind band is also significant. The publisher has been a member of the Universal Music Publishing Classical since 2006.

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