Welcome to nkoda

Please download our Windows version

Before you Download

  1. Please delete the version of nkoda that you currently have installed. Deleting the current version is essential, so please make sure it has definitely been removed before you download the new version
  2. Click the 'Download' button to download the nkoda installation zip
  3. Unzip the file to a local folder
  4. Right-click on the ‘Install.ps1’ file and select ‘Run with PowerShell’
  5. On the PowerShell prompt, press ‘A’ and ENTER. This will set up the required certificates and install the app on your device
  6. Press ENTER one more time to close the PowerShell window
  7. Based on the Windows OS and your usage pattern, open the app by searching for it on the Start menu or tapping on a shortcut

Version 2.1.1412.0


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Can I re-access my account if I’ve cancelled my subscription? What happens to my library and markings?

Can I download or print scores from nkoda?

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