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Michael Harvey

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“A compelling and sensitive musician with a rare combination of intelligence, flair and charm” are the words the acclaimed pianist Leslie Howard used to describe pianist, composer and teacher Michael Harvey. Proud to resist the trend of the diminishing number of composer pianists, such as Liszt and Rachmaninov, Harvey has composed, transcribed and arranged an increasing oeuvre of over 100 works for piano, including numerous virtuoso pieces for small hands. His compositions have been featured in winning performances at many piano competitions. Harvey has always had a natural desire to share the joy of music through teaching. By the age of 16, he had already prepared his first student for a concert performance, encouraged by the example set by some of the greatest pianists, who also became some of the greatest teachers (Liszt, Chopin, Rubinstein and Busoni etc.). Harvey has strived to perfect the art of teaching for more than 25 years. He has guided complete beginners to become international artists, and instructed all levels in between. Harvey has been immersed in music throughout his life. It all started when his parents took him to live classical concerts from just 4 years of age. Mesmerised by the experience, he sought to re-live it by taking his father’s records and listening to them repeatedly. Noting his interest, his parents bought him a piano. Through this medium, Harvey began trying to recreate and recall the music he had heard. Progressing rapidly through lessons, he soon thereafter won a scholarship to study at Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester, England. From the age of 11, Harvey had no doubt his future would be in music. Inspired by being able to create the effect of an orchestra on the piano, seemingly without limitation, Harvey continued his studies with Irina Zaritskaya and Yonty Solomon at the Royal College of Music, London. He went on to win numerous prizes, including first prize at the First National UK EPTA Competition at the 1997 EPTA International Conference and a top prize at the 1999 International Nikolai Rubinstein Piano Competition. Harvey has dazzled audiences at prestigious venues in Europe and the Commonwealth with his technique, individual sound and charismatic personality.




I’m tremendously excited to think of young singers without direct access to classical music training using this application.

Joyce DiDonato


nkoda is really clever; it's like a view into the future of making music.

Sir Simon Rattle