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Scores, parts and educational material. Millions of pages in every genre. We’re all music.

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nkoda is the largest digital library of musical materials ever created

All available on subscription. Millions of pages of music from the world’s leading publishers. Everything from songs, operas, jazz classics to learning materials. That means it’s for everyone - from a beginner playing their first notes to the leader of a symphony orchestra. nkoda is giving 500 years of music to the world’s 420 million musicians.

What will you play?

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You’ll be amazed at what you can find

Our intuitive and quick search makes it easier than ever to find the music you want to play, practice or perform. Search for your favourite artists, pieces or genres and find a world of music waiting.

So simple,
it feels like magic

Our smart technology makes annotating more intuitive than ever before.

Draw directly onto your device, or use a stylus, and nkoda’s machine learning turns your markings into beautiful, legible print. You can highlight key passages, write text and draw free-hand. All your annotations can be saved as layers and shared across the platform - making communication between a student and teacher, a conductor and musicians easier than ever before.


And counting

Trained symbols that power the system.


Individual annotation shapes.

For every instrument and musician


Really smart machine.

The most advanced annotation system ever.

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Get early access to nkoda

Let's build the future of music together.

We’re testing nkoda in early 2018. Some of the world’s best known institutions and musicians are taking part - we’d love you to join them. We’re looking for instrumentalists and singers, choirs and symphony orchestras, schools and conservatories and everyone in between. Sign up now to get early access to the nkoda app.

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