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2 Bass Trombones & 6 Trombones

Composers Edition

Written for the twenty trombone players of BoneLab and the Ballet Rambert at the Isleworth Festival of 2002, this work for multiple trombones is subtitled concerto meccanico. The venue for the premiere was the Kew Steam Museum and the action of a steam engine drew parallels with that of the trombone slide. Thus the piece conjures up various patterns of working machines and sometimes their inefficiency, as when the players furiously move their slides to produce just a single note. This is in contrast to the opening where the most amount of energy is created with no slide movement at all. The title Flibbertigibbet encapsulates the rather mischievous or impish nature of the piece, which variously examines the mechanical aspects of Vivaldi's many concerti, Mosolov's Futurism of the 1920s and Bridget Riley's 'Movement in Squares' of 1961.


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