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Ludovico Einaudi - Seven Days
Walking Sheet Music

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Einaudi is back

Over the next seven months, Einaudi will release seven albums, each one a variation on the previous. Inspired by walks in the Alps, these musical episodes start at the beginning of his journey with Seven Days Walking: Day One.

nkoda brings you the first two instalments of Seven Days Walking piano sheet music, across all digital devices. Access Einaudi’s brand new scores and learn from the most streamed classical musician of all time.

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  • 1. Low Mist Var 1
  • 2. Low Mist
  • 3. Gravity
  • 4. Matches
  • 5. Cold Wind Var 1
  • 6. Golden Butterflies
  • 7. Fox Tracks
  • 8. A Sense of Symmetry
  • 9. The Path of the Fossils
  • 10. Ascent
  • 11. Low Mist Var 2
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Keep walking

Be the first to play from Day Two

The brand new single, ‘Birdsong’ is out now. Get the sheet music for the first song from Seven Days Walking: Day Two on nkoda, plus play other Day Two hits such as Low Mist Var 1, Golden Butterflies Var 1, Campfire Var 1, Matches Var 1 and Low Mist Var 2.

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Access to Einaudi’s handwritten scores

Step inside the mind of today’s most popular composer. Get to know the original versions from Seven Days Walking, penned by Einaudi.

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I associated everything with walking, with the
experience of following the same routes over and
over, discovering new details each time. And so in
the end I decided to thread them all together in a
sort of musical labyrinth.