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20th century
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The captivating, hypnotic music of Ludovico Einaudi has entranced audiences around the globe for decades. He is one of the most accessible and commercially successful classical musicians of the present day, resulting from his honest, raw approach to composition and his willingness to engage personally and politically in his art. Born in Turin, Italy in 1955, Einaudi showed signs of his talents as a teenager when he first began to write music for guitar. He went on to study at the Conservatorio Verdi in Milan but it was with his later, private studies with the avant garde composer Luciano Berio that the composer/pianist cites developing his own personal understanding of music.

Early commissions for the Tanglewood festival and IRCAM brought him to critical recognition, but his was not a household name until BBC radio featured his “Stanze” in 1997. His success was strengthened by the recent release of his 1996 album, “Le Onde”, inspired by Virginia Woolf’s “The Waves”, which utilised the composer at his instrument, the piano.

Einaudi’s special relationship with the piano has become somewhat idiomatic of his output, with him writing a number of works for solo piano. In 2016, in a bid to bring awareness to the melting ice caps, Einaudi was filmed by Greenpeace playing his piano piece “Elegy for the Arctic” afloat the Arctic Ocean, with the backdrop of a collapsing glacier. As well as his theatricality in live performances, Einaudi has also written for the screen, including the music to “Doctor Zhivago” (2002), “Sotto Falso Nome” (2004) and “This is England”(2006) which earned him a BAFTA nomination.

On nkoda, you can enjoy the scores of some of EInaudi’s most popular pieces published by Chester Music such as “I Giorni” and “Wetlands” or explore his earlier, but just as enticing works published by Ricordi including “Stanze” and “Le Onde”.


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